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It premiered in New York at the Aeolian Hall on Wigmore Street, 16 December 1931.

From there he returned to Berlin, where he met British writers Stephen Spender and Christopher Isherwood.

(Isherwood was reportedly so taken with him that he named a character Sally Bowles in his novel after him.) The next year, Bowles returned to North Africa, traveling throughout other parts of Morocco, the Sahara, Algeria, and Tunisia. Over the next decade, he established a solid reputation as a composer, collaborating with Orson Welles, Tennessee Williams, and others on music for stage productions, as well as orchestral pieces.

In 1938, he married Jane Auer, an author and playwright.

It was an unconventional marriage; each of their intimate relationships were with people of their own sex, but the couple maintained close personal ties with each other.

He also heard music by George Antheil and Henry Cowell.

In April 1929, he dropped out without informing his parents, and sailed with a one-way ticket for Paris and no intention of returning – not, he said later, running away, but "running toward something, although I didn't know what at the time." By July, he returned to New York and worked at Duttons Bookshop in Manhattan, where he began work on an unfinished book of fiction, Without Stopping (not to be confused with his later autobiography of the same title).

In 1945, Bowles began writing prose again, beginning with a few short stories including "A Distant Episode". A belated first American edition, by New Directions Publishing, appeared the following month.