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Cause and effect of internet dating

From one perspective, for children born into the possibility of 24/7, everywhere Internet access, adaption to the technology will be seamless and effortless, and it will be less likely to have an intrusive effect on their lives.

Hartsell agreed that continual online interaction has the potential to adversely affect our social lives and how we interact with others.

The negative aspects however, should be ignored (at our peril) and especially so when considering EQ emotional intelligence and all the social and relationship skills we all require.

It’s a fact today that everyone seems to be constantly checking multiple e-mail accounts, chat accounts and peer networking on various social sites, in addition to the [now seemingly boring] texting and instant messaging to our friends, family and co-workers.

There are real challenges here as a society, for us to incorporate these new technologies in ways that can find (hopefully) some balance, because that’s what it’s ultimately about.