Start Carrie underwood and michael phelps dating

Carrie underwood and michael phelps dating

“It was just something that was said in passing,” the country singer says, referring to an interview in which she said Romo still called her.

"That can be either a good thing or a bad thing because you get to know 'em before you go out with 'em, but then you only see each other maybe once a month, maybe twice. "If I say I am or I'm not, as soon as this magazine comes out, it might be the opposite of what I tell you now. It's just best not to go there."Her fantasy, Underwood says, is to meet someone who doesn't really know who she is.

But she's adamant about setting the record straight on a controversial quote she made to a different magazine, saying that Tony Romo still calls her.

That statement obviously upset Romo's current girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, who dismissed the claim as "hurtful" and "definitely not true." Underwood isn't backing down on her quote, but she does give it a little more context."I don't think people realize that when you do an interview, the magazine comes out six months later," she says.

The Olympic champ has been dating Las Vegas cocktail waitress Caroline “Caz” Pal, 26, for about two months.