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Lawrence Smith, Alexander Winchell, Joseph Lovering, E.

On the Ea.stern Limit of Cretaceous Deposits in Iowa.

Mor- ton by Lieutenant Strain, he says : — The question then arises, Who are these people?

In his communication to the Geographical and Historical Society of Brazil, an abstract of which was forwarded to Dr.

Hilgard 208 5 On the Difference between the Animal (Sensual) and the Human (Indagative) Intellect.

On Certain Peculiarities in the Crania of the Mound-Builders.

The answers to these questions are, happily, less difficult and doubtful. The intellectual and moral qualities of the Mexicans and Peruvians are left more free to act, not being so subordinate to the propen- sities and violent passions.

Of what race, and what their intellectual perfections ?

Atmospheric Theory of an Ameliorated Climate and an Open Sea, in the Arctic Regions, in Opposition to the Gulf Stream Theory.