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Founded in 970 or 972 by the Fatimids as a centre of Islamic learning, its students studied the Qur'an and Islamic law in detail, along with logic, grammar, rhetoric, and how to calculate the phases of the moon.

In 1961, Al-Azhar was re-established as a university under the government of Egypt's second President Gamal Abdel Nasser when a wide range of secular faculties were added for the first time, such as business, economics, science, pharmacy, medicine, engineering and agriculture.

, "the (honorable) Azhar University") is a university in Cairo, Egypt.

Associated with Al-Azhar Mosque in Islamic Cairo, it is Egypt's oldest degree-granting university and is renowned as "Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university".

After the Israeli attack began on October 29, Britain and France issued an ultimatum calling for an end to hostilities.

Despite a withdrawal of Egyptian forces, rather than the expected counter-attack, the Anglo-French invasion commenced on November 5.

353) writes that, "He had all the treasures of the palace, including the books, sold over a period of ten years.

Many were burned, thrown into the Nile, or thrown into a great heap, which was covered with sand, so that a regular "hill of books" was formed and the soldiers used to sole their shoes with the fine bindings.

[Read more: June 5, 1967 - Surprise attack allows Israel to redraw map of the Middle East in just six days] Wishing to avoid angering the USA with direct military intervention, the leaders of Britain, France and Israel met in secret to agree that Israel should attack Egypt.