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To take a look at the site, and browse around, simply click here. Issues discussed at the meeting included the increased program, staffing, and hiring resulting from passage of Senate Bill 1, which authorized additional funding for transportation; availability and usage of overtime; the Senior Transportation Engineer exams; assistance for victims of the recent wildfires; and lagging salaries for a few classes.

——————————————————————- Six of the thirteen members of the Cal PERS Board of Administration are periodically elected by state and local agency employees and retirees.

Two of those seats, called Member-at-Large seats because they are elected by everyone in the system (active and retired), were up for election this year.

Until recently, vacancies were filled from a promotional list through an examination given on a continuing basis.

In August, Caltrans started requiring employees to take the identical exam for an open list, allowing those outside of state service to also apply.

As those on the open list aren’t reachable as long as there are employees on the promotional list, and employees automatically drop off of the promotional list after one year, the result has been an inability of an increasing number of qualified applicants to be promoted.

There are hundreds of qualified Caltrans engineers on the Senior promotional list.

PECG’s position has been that a Senior position should be filled through an in-house promotion, not an outside hire.

PECG and Caltrans are working together to try to resolve the problem.

———————————————————————– The federal Interior Department has questioned whether $84 million in federal taxpayer funds to help pay for planning for the Governor’s proposed twin tunnels under the Sacramento Delta was improperly contributed.

In so doing, the spokesperson said “the Trump Administration did not fund the project and chose to not move forward with it.” This raised a question whether the federal government is now opposed to the project, which intersects with existing federal water projects and would require periodic Interior Department approval.

Infrastructure-Info provides the whole story for political decision makers, the news media, the general public – and you, the PECG members! The monthly PECG/Caltrans meeting occurred earlier this week.