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Not as big deal but at least an illustration on the setup instructions might have saved me a few quarters in the swear jar. The hard drive is huge, it's wireless, supports 5G, has bluetooth and a decent processor. I can't really give a review of this computer - because it has never really worked! (mid-July, 6 months after spending my money.) Should I bother?

The most irritating thing about this tower is the noise. The graphics card does not seem to work well with ubuntu. A new driver was all it needed, and customer service was OK, if a little slow.

Had to do a complete system restore and remove the linux install. I also had to get a new keyboard and mouse as the desktop did not play nice with my other USB wireless keyboard/mouse combo. I've only had it for a few days but I'm impressed in the speed and absolute quiet operation.

Boost productivity in your daily activities with the ASUS Vivo PC K31CD desktop computer.

I've never had to spend 5 minutes looking for a power button before. Programs load relatively quickly so that is a plus. My computer has become outdated since I bought it, and I still haven't had a properly working computer to use! Returned it to Asus (across the country) and received a replacement a month later. This time I could see both RAM cards (8 gb 4 gb) sitting loose on the bottom. The SSD card that was supposed to be in it wasn't recognized. Asus wanted me to return it again, saying that I should have a 4th replacement in about 6 weeks.

No, I am just being totally honest with you about it. One more tip, once you begin to think about what you are doing in your stroke, and you try to control this or that, you are sunk. I get those thoughts in my head , in like the first few minutes of reading pool crap and each guys new super secret, and it takes me hours to get them out ! I end up dissecting every nuance of my stroke and preparation and I'm toast. You are all convinced, totally convinced, that there is a super-secret aiming system only the pros know about and they keep it hidden from you, so you won’t learn how to beat them. That is the main point; you see them like training wheels on your bike as a kid. My cpu can run through my 10,000,000 shots on file and find a match in less than a second. Now all I have to do is a couple of strokes and boom, in she goes.

I won't buy this any more than I will buy a tonic that will grow hair, or a diet pill that will make me thin again like when I was 18. There are some cons out there you just have to get hip to. But, you can let your mind, your cpu, do all the aiming for you automatically. But I have years of experience and millions of ball potted and plotted into my computer. He needs aiming systems so he can one day, get to where I am, and no longer use them. Soon my on board cpu, my brain, stores the image and will match every shot that then comes up with the perfect image of a previous shot perfectly made. I then let cpu plant me, it puts my body and hands down on the shot in perfect alignment every time without me thinking or directing anything.

9 pages preface by Fast Larry Guninger 10-14-04, rev 12-14-07, 9=15-08, 8-22-10, 2-1-15, published in DC, bpn, czm, upp, rsb. The inside super secret aim method of the pros revealed LESSONS WITH A MASTER LEVEL INSTRUCTOR IN ATLANTA CALL 770-381-6609 em: [email protected] are convinced it's there, even though I keep writing and telling you it’s not, pot a million balls and you will then know how and where to aim. Pot 2 million and then you can really aim like a pro dude. It is a feel game, play it that way with no thought or control. These two players have obviously learned their lesson the hard way reading all this crap on the net and then being put into hopeless paralysis by analysis. You can’t wait for the day when you can throw them away and ride with the wind using no thought or direction. When I miss a shot or a cut, I set it back up and keep shooting it until I make it. It does not get any deeper than this and that is how I play, by feel, by imaging. We all turn the shot loose in 2 to 3 seconds or less after our hand plants on the table so you tell me how much time we have to think or be calculating any aim lines within 2 seconds. We free wheel in dead stroke and usually in the zone. It’s all emulation and visualization by experience.