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C14 dating and others

As used in the phrase, however, napping does not carry its literal meaning of ‘sleeping.’ It means simply ‘unawares, off guard, inattentive.’get the drop on To have the advantage over someone; to be in a superior, controlling position, such that one cannot be taken unawares.

This expression originally had to do with the stealthy movement of troops without the enemy’s knowledge.

It still retains connotations of furtiveness or secrecy.

In principal, the spread of writing is clearly sets the event long before the first dynasty of pharaohs.

On the other hand, such a story with all its details cannot be transported over time without a writing system.

On the other hand: The Gulf of Persia used to be a real paradise at that time - before it was drowned by the water of the Indian Sea through the Strait of This section could very well be put together with the spread of language and the findings in the genetic code, since its spread basically follows the same rules and logic.

However, the obvious evidence in this area is widely ignored, while much attention and acceptance is given to speech and genetics.

Atlantis existed before 3000 BC; it had to exist not much earlier than the earliest writing system on the other hand.