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Bug hall dating

But, Hall has kept busy acting since his debut in the "Rascals" flick.

In an impressive one-two punch, while was raking in literally tens of millions at the box office, Bagley began his role as Will Smith’s cousin, Nicholas “Nicky” Andrew Michael Shawn Nathan Wanyá Banks (yes, he was named after the members of Boyz II Men, who were present at his christening), on .

Little else is publicly known about his private life, other than he really, really, really likes the Los Angeles Lakers. the kid who looks like a Culkin, but isn’t a Culkin.

Spanky, played by Travis Tedford As president of the He-Man Women Hater’s Club, Spanky was the most popular, as well as the best, Rascal in the film (or is my seven-year-old, girl-hating self projecting? The character was also the first role for Travis Tedford (his Twitter bio reads that he’s “that one kid from that one movie…”), who wouldn’t appear in another movie or TV show until four years later (unless you count those adorable Welch’s Grape Juice ads), when he was cast in, providing “additional voices.” He now lives in Texas.

Darla, played by Brittany Ashton Holmes Like Tedford, playing Darla was Brittany Ashton Holmes’ first Hollywood role, one that would lead to two TV show guest appearances (, where she played “Girl on Boat”) — and, well, that’s about it.

An anonymous commenter on IMDb says, “Kevin is actually one of my really good friends. He hasn’t been in anything lately but he told me he did want to get back into in a couple of years.” On that same message board: “I just saw him on the KDFW Fox 4 Good Day morning news program as a summer intern with Tim Ryan and Megan Henderson. Buckwheat, played by Ross Bagley The casting auditions had to have begin and ended with how well the would-be ‘Wheats were able to say, “OOOOOOOOtay,” right?

He mentioned that he was going to school at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL and wants to eventually have his own talk show.” Froggy, played by Jordan Warkol and E. Daily The demands of playing Froggy were too much for only one person, so the amphibiously-named character was split in two: Jordan Warkol provided the body, so to speak, and E. Well, they picked a good one, because Bagley made for a wonderful Buckwheat.

I thought it was hilarious but the director did not (Penelope) didn’t and the fact that I KEPT doing it was delaying the shooting for that scene…it wasn’t good lol.