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The handle-free kitchens available at IKEA is a result of his influence.

In his office, he tried to resist filling it with the all-important design resource, books, purely to achieve cleanliness of space.

Instead he favoured referencing books from a library rather than clutter his office. Despite this, he has stated that minimalism is not the pursuit of his works.

Instead, he seeks to resolve the fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and material in his projects by stripping things back to the essence, and the important details there, rather than design anything superfluous. He has applied this design across his broad range of works from private residences, to monasteries, retail stores (notably Calvin Klein and Jigsaw), to Cathay Pacific’s lounge in Hong Kong, to ballet sets, to the interiors of yachts (which you all know I dream to do), to Ian Schrager’s hotel line.

For him, there is more expression to be found in the right shades of white, than in detailing that fill spaces with unnecessary visual disruptions.

set with 3-tier rack so they can do everything from light lateral raises to heavy presses.

We also offer a very popular 5-75 Pound set with a commercial quality 3-tier rack to save space in your home gym.

He famously did not have a couch in his home for 20 years fearing that a sofa would disrupt the pure lines of the space.

When he designed the Cistercian monastery in the Czech Republic, the monks feared that he would be ‘too austere’ in his design resolution.

The variety of exercises possible on one of these machines include some of the very best for working lats, upper back, chest, triceps, biceps and deltoids.

If your home or commercial gym does not have a good lat pulldown / row machine; then it is not complete!

He could probably benchpress 50 Lohan clones standing on top of each other’s shoulders. And this is a man who enjoys nice things, from Paul Gauguin paintings to gold-leaf cappuccinos to pasta topped with mountains of caviar.