Start Bind updating serial number for zones

Bind updating serial number for zones

From our brief history of Name Servers we saw how three needs emerged: The Internet Domain Name System elegantly solves all these problems at the single stroke of a pen (well actually the whole of RFC 1034 to be precise).

Delegation within any domain may be almost limitless and is decided by the delegated authority, for example, the US and Canada both delegate city within province/state domains thus the address (or URL) us is the town of Tennis Shoes in the State of Nebraska in the United States and we could even have

By reading a domain name from RIGHT to LEFT you can track its delegation.

As our network grows we start to build up a serious number of Names in our Name Server (database). Which leads us nicely into the characteristics of the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS).

Thus uk is the Domain Name of mycompany registered as a company from the UK registration authority.

The cc TLDs are delegated to the individual countries for administration purposes.

Figure 1.0 above shows how any authority may in turn delegate to lower levels in the hierarchy, in other words it may delegate anything for which it is authoritative.

At the top of the tree is the root followed by the Top Level Domains (TLDs) then the domain-name and any number of lower levels each separated with a dot.