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Beautiful intelligent women intimidating

I haven't tried the edp so can't compare suffice to say this beautiful fragrance makes me feel sophisticated and classy. If you haven't sampled Allure edt give it a try it's a happy cheerful scent easy to wear. I haven't yet smelled a Chanel fragrance that wasn't pleasing. Wearable all year but I suggest staying in AC when wearing this during the summer. One of the best by Chanel and my absolute favorite. I can't wear it because it reminds me of someone I know. This is really odd but it smells of the opening of Samsara edp on me! If this is not in your budget then its worth testing out the inexpensive Benetton Hot though it doesnt seem to have much sillage on me, i really like the smoothness of that. ) I must say this is one of the most wearable Chanel's I own together with No 5 L'eau . I have a sample, I feel the most vanilla and peaches. I do not think there are any perfumes worth a super high cost in the range over $100- 150 . I have many beautiful fragrances that are not very expensive at all ( Casmir , Euphoria, China Rain, Shi etc.. Though the price of Allure is never a "bargain" it is one that I feel is worthy of a higher price because it is PERFECT .

The multiple facets to this perfume are indeed very alluring. The perfume is well composed with a gorgeous mix of flowers, citrus, passionfruit, sandalwood and vanilla. It's well balanced yet multifaceted and doesn't easily fit any category.

Like all Chanel perfumes, Allure has a rich and complex composition.

Fresh and citrusy at the beginning, it opens in lavishing floral heart to wooden and vanilla nuances and leaves lingering and fickle scent. I bought some of the pure parfum on the second hand market.

As others state , it is impossible to discern notes because of the smoothness . Like a classic work of art or beautiful piece of music , it transcends trends because it is the best in its genre. It's so well balanced between floral, sweet and citrusy notes. I can see that some might get a headache from this as it is somewhat on the rich side. I love the slight hint of vanilla along with the powder in the drydown. I can't wait to wear it to Thanksgiving with my boyfriend's family! The first notes that hit my nose made me think the perfume has been badly stored for too long, it seemed to have that 'old scent gone bad'-aroma.