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I sat down on the bean bag chair in the living room and began to masturbate. He then began to hump the air, and his penis began to come out of its sheath.

Hi, my name is Stacy, I’m 12 years old and in 5th grade.

I am rather tall for my age, at five foot five, and have green eyes and red hair that flows down to my well-shaped butt.

I had already put them in the large converted garage we used to keep them in at night so they wouldn’t keep us up with barking. I crashed over the railing, landing tummy- first on the bean bag chair. I heard a sound behind me, but was unable to look, as I was still temporarily paralyzed from a combination of my fall and the fear I now felt. He and the other dogs must have busted out of the garage into the house again.

I felt the shape sniff my crotch, and then I almost laughed out loud with relief. I started to push myself up, but my arms gave way, and my legs were still numb from the impact of the fall. I tried again to push myself to my feet, giving it all I had. When I awoke some minutes later, I felt extremely horny.

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I decided to lay there for a minute and regain my breath. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered Buster licking my crotch.