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As I put the water in a dish, I took a hotdog from the fridge and fed it to him.

I am married and my husband gives me plenty of cock, but I still crave more.

I am overweight and shy when it comes to finding a man. My breasts are very large and I love to masturbate, a lots!

I grasped it as my fingers went around the hot flesh, it feeling so slimy and hot!

I looked at his cock sheath and could tell he had a nice cock on him as I took him into the kitchen to find him something to drink.

I sat on the sofa as I lifted my dress as I took the jar of peanut butter and spread some onto my clit. The big lab was licking my pussy as he lapped at the peanut butter. I was surprised at just how good it felt as he took long licks with that hot tongue.

I lifted his head and guided him to the goo I had placed on my pussy. I then reached down and rubbed his doggie cock as he lapped at my wet pussy. I took my hand and slowly stroked his doggie cock as the big red end slipped from its sheath.

I told him I wanted to find one that was big and mean looking.