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Digital dating abuse behaviors include the use of cell phones or the internet to harass, control, pressure, or threaten a dating partner.“Although digital dating abuse is potentially harmful for all youth, gender matters,” said Dr.

It should be noted, however, that the museum may hold other firearms made in London in addition to these 37 but are not at the moment so catalogued Given that it was the collection of firearms that started General Pitt-Rivers’ career as a collector, it is no surprise to find that a large proportion of these guns are part of his founding collection. The manufacturer of three of these is recorded as unknown and a fourth (18) is listed as ‘Unknown Stamped Tower’.

In fact, there is quite a lot of information available on this last object as a result of the work of Eric Edwards, which is to be found on this website.

The percussion rifle musket (18) is an interesting object as it was made especially for Pitt-Rivers as part of his work at the School of Musketry in developing a standard rifle for military use.

The manufacturer is Wilkinson Sword, a company now best known for its razors but which started life as gun makers.

The study, which will appear in the , involved 703 Midwest high school students who reported the frequency of digital dating abuse, if they were upset by the “most recent” incidents, and how they responded.

Students completed the surveys between December 2013 and March 2014.

Indeed gun makers, for commercial and legal reasons, inscribed their names on their products, together with other information.

The Pitt Rivers Museum database for ethnographic objects contains 108 records if the search term ‘Firearm’ is entered under ‘Keyword’ in the on-line catalogue.

Thus, they may be more likely to monitor boys’ activities.

The aim of this brief survey is to provide an overview of London gun makers whose products are represented in the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Girls indicated more frequent digital sexual coercion victimization, and girls and boys reported equal rates of digital monitoring and control, and digital direct aggression.