Start Aspxgridview edit rowupdating

Aspxgridview edit rowupdating

In your code, when you want to show any message, after any event, this include: not deleting, inserting, deleting, updating, add this code: ASPx Grid View1.

To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

I removed everything I did with View State and edited the original post again with what I currently got.

Hello Debra, As I understand it, you want to implement custom row updating.

However, I'd like to safely Html Encode text that is displayed as we do allow special characters in certain fields. NET parses the code and detects a Bind() statement, it splits the statement into two parts.

Below is my code where i can update records back to database with successfully.

But when i click on "Update" on edit form data save successfully but aspxgridview does not refresh automatically until i press F5 or page reload button.

Although you can also use In my case I was forced to use the "Bind" method on mi Edit Item Template's Text Box because needed the data to be accessible in the New Values array at the item_Updating event handling.