Start Albanian women dating blacks

Albanian women dating blacks

Greece as a country and as a nation ( not as a state, because nations can exist without states and states can be born without ethnic nations) DID NOT EXIST 190 YEARS AGO.

What the Greek dude is saying is total bull**** that no one is buying anymore.

This is a very old fashion propaganda that even the greeks themselves are sick and tired from.

A lot of Albanians that I know have very bad memories while they lived and worked in Greece.

The final final blow was when Thessaly became a Vlach homeland and when huge armies of Albanians invaded what is known today '' as southern greece'' in the 13th and 14th centuries.

These Orthodox Albanian invaders would be later known as Arvanites.

They conquered everything in their own path and even when they came in Athens and other areas in fact many places were desert.

Truth of the matter is, Albania went through tough times during Hoxha's Communist state, but Greeks failed horribly to show good to show some humanity and offer help and lowpaying jobs to their neighbors, but rather showed xenophobia and hate. The entire Europe was pouring money to this parasitic nation and the still cannot stand on their feet.