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Though, according to Perel, healthy couples can withstand (and even grow from) these traumas, when they can truly honor their partner's needs and method of grieving. When we are not aligned on the big things in life like religion, core values, where we want to live, how we want to live — friction is bound to happen.

According to Perel, infidelity is of one of the biggest betrayals a marriage can face; for some couples the marriage will end because of a one-night stand, and for others, it can be multiple offenses.

Or, you're Catholic and married someone Jewish, who was fine raising your future children under both religious roofs.

Now, he has decided that he DOES want you to convert and raise the kids in his faith (but that's not OK with you).

As the founder of the Smart Dating Academy, I work with all kinds of people to help them find the right kind of love.

In my experience with thousands of people, here are the top reasons couples divorce (in no specific order, as this varies by state): Cheating is one of the main drivers of divorce.

Incompatibility isn't easy to deal with — especially if one spouse has significantly changed over the course of time.

You might need help navigating these discussions with a counselor or therapist.

They can wreak havoc on entire families in a truly terrible fashion.