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The rate increase were triggered partly by the state's requirement that the Alturas Sewer plant be repaired and refurbished to meet water quality standards as well as maintenance and age issues with the current sewer and water system.

The debt was $7,698,232.34 at the end of April, which had been a slight improvement ($26,011.50) from the end of March's debt of $7,724,243.85.

February's debt total was $7,471,849; at the end of January the debt was $7,513,930.

If the rate increases are approved as presented, they would become effective January 16, 2008.

In addition to the proposed increase, the base rates for sewer and water will be increased equal to the Consumer Price Index effective on July 1 of each following fiscal year.

The debt was reported at $9,049,942 at the end of October, down $59,416 from $9,109,358 in September.

That October number has since been judged as incorrect and no positive impact was realized.

The City of Alturas has adopted a substantial rate fee increase for water and sewer service, and will have a public hearing on those increases for January 15, 6 p.m. The City has proposed a $15.61 base increase in the water rate, going from the current $28.21 to $43.82 and a $5.51 increase in the base sewer rate, going from the current residential base of $23.48 to $28.99 and from the current commercial rate of $17.58 to $23.09.