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We also learn, in those very same scenes, that quirky smart girls aren’t what women should be in feudal China. Mulan vs Society) Act 1 addresses gender roles for women. This opening ten minutes has a hook because Mulan is a conflicted character.

Before bringing out the “Abacus of Sex,” a tool used by Nye to describe four aspects of sexuality, sex, gender, expression, and attraction, Nye said that his understanding of sexuality, as well as the world’s, was still evolving: ‘Take sex.

Even though the toddler years are feared by some and loved by others, one thing's for sure: it's a really fun age when it comes to playing with toys.

Her desire and failure gives her motive to change and propel the story forward.

Act 1 ends when Mulan decides to fulfill her father’s conscription into the war (inciting incident). Act 2: We see Mulan struggle with her new gender role, and the role of the military. She develops as a character, through a series of failures and achievements (primarily through “Make a Man out of You”), becoming one of the best soldiers in her unit.

A romantic subplot, as well as a subplot reflective of Mulan through Mushu and Cric-kee, are introduced.

Though most of this, gender roles are established from a masculine perspective.

But it turns out, about 1 in every 400 pregnancies have a different number of sex chromosomes.