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I am a very nervous patient but can usually manage fillings when necessary but recently I needed an extraction! It was more than 20 years since my last extraction. When I asked him if he could do anything about the blood loss he said I should just put up with it. I'm almost in tears reading the emotions expressed by other people here; my stomach is in knots just thinking about dental treatment.

At the moment, my dentist is monitoring my wisdom teeth and I am in dread of getting them out. When I was about five, the first time I ever went, I got a filling.

He looked at my teeth that day, took a brillant 'xray' shot of them and spoke to me basically.

He gave me inhaling gas that day which really, really worked and I went home with one filling done......

Now I am told that dentists here are not permitted to give intraveneous valium or similar. This of course give me a very bad experience of dentists. When I was called in I told the dentist that I had a very bad fear of them. I had to go to him evry six months for a check-up and although I did still have a slight fear I continued to get my teeth checked out. I need to get some work done on my teeth and recently I think I am developing a toothache. My main source of fear is that the injection you get in your gums to numb the nerves/tooth doesn't work on me.